Why It's Important?

Knowing when to harvest fruit and vegetables is dependant on crop variety, local climate and growth conditions, variables that farm managers and agronomists currently have no data on. These factors can alter a farmer’s picking time by 2 weeks - a variance that causes between 2-25% of crop being lost. Gut reaction or expensive, non-networked devices are currently being used to address this problem, but they’re creating unnecessary labour costs and sub-optimal yields. Instead, Mothive installs sensing devices next to the plants to provide a customised agronomy service that helps farmers reduce waste, maximise yield and optimise labour and resources costs.



  • Crop Stress Prevention
  • Irrigation and Ventilation Control based on Crop Needs
  • Optimisation of Environmental Conditions
  • Diseases prediction

Picking Time

  • Harvesting Prediction: flowering, 1st Pick, 50% and 100% Pick
  • Labour Costs Optimisation
  • Potentiate Value of Crop in Market

Our Product

A powerful decision-support platform for farm managers and agronomists. 

We combine easy-to-install field devices, which collect environmental and soil data every 8 minutes, with cloud-based predictive models to generate real-time recommendations and alerts. 

These support a farmer’s decision making on the right time to pick, yield and quality, and can be received via our dashboard, SMS or email. Our devices can also control 3rd party systems (irrigation and ventilation) to drive farm automation.